Bryan Levy Photography | Bay City, MI Fireworks Festival 2017

Bay City, MI Fireworks Festival 2017

July 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Next to Detroit, Bay City puts on the second best show, in my opinion. It's a three day event which the first two nights are "teasers" that lasts 12 min. The third night is their "finale" which lasts just over 30 min. Instead of capturing the fireworks in the traditional way, I tried a technique that I never did before but read about it online. It's called the Pulled Focus Technique. It's where you start the exposure completely out of focus and when the "explosion" starts you pull it into focus for the duration of your exposure. Your results are fireworks that looks like alien sea creatures in the sky. I also did the opposite where I started in focus then go completely blurry for the set exposure. This creates pastel "dreamlike" streams and orbs which also gives off a different vibe. It's a process that takes practice and expect a lot of throwaway images. During the 30+ min finale, I walked away with about 10 printable images so the failure rate is quite high. There are plenty of articles online that goes into detail on how to achieve this.

Here, I share with you, some images of this technique. I'm already addicted to this process and I will definitely do this again next year.


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