Are you looking for a photographer that will document your corporate meetings or events? How about an automotive project timelapse? Branding/Promotional video? Look no further. Bryan Levy Photography is committed to help meet your needs and deliver a high quality product. In addition, we will add music, text and/or logos to give it a polished professional look that will be very pleasing to you.

We travel to the known and not too widely known destinations in the metro Detroit area to create extraordinary videos for our clients and personal projects.


Featured Examples:


1. This Ram Truck automotive timelapse I made for

Ram Truck Assembly TimelapseI did a timelapse production of the many stages of assembly to the Ram Truck. This was done for


2. One of my popular sunset timelapses. It was featured on the regional website, Daily Detroit.

Sunset in Detroit-4K TimelapseThis is a 4k version to my very first timelapse I made in Feb. 2015.


3. Personal project showcasing moody/fog timelapses and still shots.

Sense of PlaceThe perpetual gray, overcast, variable cloudy days are usually looked down upon. As a creative, I embrace it. It is a source of inspiration, drama, mystery and reflection.


Corporate meetings and events; sunrise/sunset/cityscape/automotive timelapses, Branding/Promotional videos, Bryan Levy Photography will meet your project needs. Contact me or call 248-808-8999 to book your project shoot.